Thrift Shopping @ Shimokitazawa



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Thrift Shopping @ Shimokitazawa

This week was a good week to have a little shopping spree. I have organized a trip to Shimokitazawa. I have heard that Shimokitazawa is one of the best places to go thrift shopping and to find some great bargains. Some of the other fellow MF members were interested to join me to this wonderful little place called Shimokitazawa.


Thrift shopping is also known as second-hand shopping. Used clothes are getting more and more popular and also in Japan. I have been a second-hand shopper for a few years now and I absolutely love it. It is a good way to be more consciouss about the environment because your purchasing recycled clothing and also if you dig a little deeper you will find unique pieces. Not to mention that often second-hand shopping is a lot cheaper then purchasing new fashion items.


From Miyazakidai station we are taking the Tokyu-Den-entoshi Line to Shibuya station. Once at Shibuya station we transfer to the Keio-Inokashihra Line and arrive soon enough at Shimo-kitazawa station. The whole ride takes about 40 minutes. Once we arrived we can take either the North Side or the South Side. We decided to just follow the crowed and see where we end up. We are pretty overwhelmed with all the locals and tourist surrounded around us, going thirst shopping just like us.

Every little shop has its own character and we have no idea where to start digging. Everything is so interesting from young designers to designer vintage and unique second-hand clothing. So much to see and to try on, and we realize soon enough, we need at least three days in this area to fully spend a good amount of time in every little store.


I stumble upon this amazing shop with such an impressive entrance. It was all made out of small brickets of wood. It’s was a designer shoe shop, and the shoes were by hand decorated, it looks like a small village thats is presented on the shoe. So unique and creative I have never seen anything like it before.


We ended up with some bargains which we were all happy about anfd end the day with sore feet and a delicious ice coffee in one of the cafe’s along the streets of Shimokitazawa. Even though this is a great place for shopping it is a bit pricey but definitely worth checking out.

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2) English Lessons (I am a TEFL Certified English Teacher)
3) Swop parties, swopping clothes and be more conscious about the environment (re-use)
4) Organizing monthly OAK house get together
5) Cultural food exchange, cooking together different where everybody cooks something nice from there own country
6) Open house event, where anyone that wants to participate shows their room and has a little snack ready and ready to meet new people (social gathering)