Hula Hooping @ Miyazakidai Park



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Hula Hooping @ Miyazakidai Park

It's a lovely sunny Sunday and I organized the activity Hula Hooping in Miyazakidai Park. Hula hooping is not so common among adults to practise but studies has shown that it's a fun and effective way to work on your body and mental health. Grab does hoops ladies HE HO HERE WE GO!


I've been traveling for 10 years and I've met many hoopers, some are professional and some are learning, some are only using it for fitness purposes and some use hooping for spiritual healing. My beautiful sparkling hoop and I have been together for about one year. I have a travel hoop that you can take apart and easily bring during traveling. However, my hoop is quiet big and it does take up some space.


Hoops come in many different sizes. When you start hooping for the first time, it's best if you pick a big hoop, that's more heavy. Once you get better you start working towards lighter and smaller hoops. And if your advanced you can hoop any sized hoop. I'm still learning with a bigger hoop. My goal is to eventually be able to hoop with smaller and lighter hoops.


Hooping exercises over 30 core muscles, improves balance, flexibility, dexterity and coordination. This new contemporary form of movement is a full-body exercise that tones and sculpts your abs, thighs, arms and butt, while the hoop travels up and down your torso, arms and legs, all while you are having fun dancing to the music of your choice. Hula hooping provides an alternative to going to a gym and is accessible to people of all ages.

Starting hooping again after a few months I noticed I need to get back to the flow that I once had. One of the MF members has a smaller hoop which means she is more advanced and is hooping away. She shows me some tricks and together with some music on we're doing some hooping excersises in Miyazakidai Park. I'm getting my flow back and forgotten how much fun hooping is. And what a great excersises!


We all feel more energized and having so much fun excersizing with the hoops. We swop once in a while and practice with different hoops, and we do this for about an hour. It's bit warm in the park and we need to make sure we hydrate enough. What a good day to hoop!

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