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Work-Shop Learning English

After living a few weeks at Parkview Miyazakidai I've noticed that many Japansese MF members are interested to learn to speak English at a more advanced level. However, their busy schedule won't allow any time to follow classes at a language school. Besides that, language schools are often quiet expensive. Therefore, I as a Certified TEFL English Teacher decided to start English Work-Shops at Parkview Miyazakidai.


Learning English as a foreign language is very popular among the Japanese community. Many Japanese people don't speak English or even write in English, as this is not a subject at school. This limited the Japansese in studying, traveling and doing business abroad. They are eager to learn and like to be part of this universal language.


Major language schools as GABA, NOVA and BERLITZ offer varies English programs starting from, Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. However, once you start it's important to keep continuing lessons to succeed, this could end up being very expensive. Not to mention time consuming, Japanese people have a strong work ethic and are often too busy working.

Parkview Miyazakidai offers serval public areas in the building like the cinema room, the lounge, the smoking area, the kitchen and the study room.  The study room is a perfect place for having a English Work-Shop as it is very quiet and often free to use. Here I have three to four times a week English lessons with my students, one hour per lesson.


When you start your first English lesson with me, I determin what level you are, and what your ability in speaking and writing skills are. Based upon your experience and your wants and needs I start creating an program. For example if you like to learn more in English speaking will practice pronouncations by role-playing, describing objects, reading, social conversations, job interviews. And for homework I'll send a five minute video that I like the student to summarize in their own words on a A4 paper and include words they don't understand. The next lesson will discuss the homework.


Do you wish to learn more on your writing skills, will have more practice on grammar. Like, verbs, noun, adjectives etc. Writing short stories, learn from your mistakes by reviewing. By practicing and repeating excercices you'll learn the best way. Important in my lessons is that the students enjoy their time learning English so I try to keep lessons creative.

By Parricia
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1) Creating art, home decoration with recycled materials (plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans etc.)
2) English Lessons (I am a TEFL Certified English Teacher)
3) Swop parties, swopping clothes and be more conscious about the environment (re-use)
4) Organizing monthly OAK house get together
5) Cultural food exchange, cooking together different where everybody cooks something nice from there own country
6) Open house event, where anyone that wants to participate shows their room and has a little snack ready and ready to meet new people (social gathering)