☆Event☆ Oakhouse International Summer Party!!




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☆Event☆ Oakhouse International Summer Party!!

b_illust_96_0MMy name is Kaz from Shibuya Information office.

It's been a while since I have posted here :-D

How have you been up to?

So now I am writing this about the International summer party which we had last Summer! I will show you some photos. here you go!



After reception and head to inside !(^^)!

Drink ! Drink!  Drink!

国際P 2017_8_31_9

More than 50 people came this time!

The party venue was pretty full♪


国際P 2017_8_31_5

国際P 2017_8_31_15


I've found a lovely Korean group ♥


国際P 2017_8_31_7


Next group was pretty international. I was surprised every one speak English very well as well as other language!

I enjoyed with nice people too (^^♪

国際P 2017_8_31_2国際P 2017_8_31_1


This time we had great guests from OAK HOSTEL! They are from Canada and just found our party!

I am sure they had a great night in Tokyo and give to him the best smile award.

国際P 2017_8_31_14


I was most surprised that who wear white shirt he arrived Tokyo on this day and joined the party! Glad you met and made some friend on the fist day in Tokyo haha 

国際P 2017_8_31_17


We do not know the next party yet though hope seeing you all soon as Christmas party!



The event space information is here.


And again,
Thank you for everyone who came♥

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