Gran Takarazuka Osaka! Part 1 – house introduction




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Gran Takarazuka Osaka! Part 1 – house introduction

Oakhouse has now opened its first house in Hyogo prefecture!
Gran Takarazuka!

Hyogo is not a prefecture that I think a lot of foreigners are familiar with, which may lead you to think that it might not be that convenient.

But, it only takes about 30 minutes by train to get to the well-known Umeda station in Osaka!

To help convince you, we’ve put together a series of blog posts on Gran Takarazuka to show you the experience, and to show your around the house and surrounding areas.


Gran Takarazuka exterior


Each type is organized into units. This way you have sort of smaller communities within the total house community.


Let’s look at all the types!

Type A

Except for room numbers 02, the rooms are square. After entering through the entrance, we head into the kitchen…

image002 image003 image004


Type B

The kitchen is slightly separated from the dining table, and the longer kitchen is more spacious than the living room.
 image005 image006 image007



Type C

A spacious and square living room, making for easy communication within the kitchen.

image008 image009 image010


The wooden style is accompanied by gentle lighting, making it feel like a warm little family.

The house comes with a microwave, rice cooker, kettle, and of course utensils and tableware.

There are basically 2 types of closets; an open one or a furniture type.

image011 image012

*Specific design of furniture may be slightly different depending on the room. (Please contact us if you have questions)



There is a shower (no bathtub), and a toilet.

image013 image014

I personally really like the design of the shower, with the refreshing marble pattern.

It has an adjustable shower head, making it feel like a hotel! (lol)


Plus, the house is non-smoking.
This is a convenient area, and the house is well-equipped, so we hope to receive your application soon!

(Here is a train map; the closest station Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki is in the red square)

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In this blog we at Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center will be introducing a new share house every month that we personally visit to take a closer look at. We have many years of accumulated experience of share houses and many of us have lived or are currently living in one. With this expertise we would love to introduce some of the houses at Oakhouse that might not always get all the attention it deserves.

We will also be interviewing the only ones who knows more about each share house than we do - the residents themselves! This blog is a space for the residents themselves to get a voice and to let us know why they choose to live where they do.

Join us every month for a new recommended share house!

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