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This is our 3rd article in a series dedicated to the city of Kyoto and our residence Oakhouse Kyoto Kawaramachi.

If you've recently moved to Japan, you might already know that you have to declare your address to the city office of the city you moved in within 14 days following your arrival in Japan in order to appear on your resident card.


If you have moved in Oakhouse Kyoto Kawaramachi, you probably noticed that the Kyoto city office (see picture above) is located only 2 minutes walking from the house. However! it is not possible to do the procedure in this building. You have to go to the Nakagyo ward office !


The Nakagyo ward office is located about 20 minutes walking from the house on the Oike street. (If you haven't visited the Nijo castle and its nightingale floor, it might be your chance because you will be really close to it !)


The Nakagyo ward office is not only the place where you can register your residency but also where you will be able to join national health care, declare your taxes and, when you will move out, give your moving out notice.


Registering your address occurs on the 3rd floor. Even if everything doesn't seem very obvious at first, city officials are always helpful. They are used to it so you can rely on them through the various steps you have to go through.


This is the form you have to fill out : 転入届 (tennyuutodoke, as pictured above). You will need your resident card; please also bring your passport and house contract on which the house address appears.

After filling out this form, city officials will register your new adress on your resident card. They will also ask you if you want to join the national health insurance program. You should check with your school or visa requirements whether it is mandatory for you to join beforehand !
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