Gran Tachikawa update for September – Mizutani



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Gran Tachikawa update for September – Mizutani

Hello everyone!

I wrote about Gran Tachikawa before, but this time, I thought it would be nice to post a translation of a couple of posts by Mizutani, the manager there. He's a good dude and gave me and the other foreigner staff a tour of the place.

Anyway, here we go! This is his post from September:


"Hello everyone! This is Mizutani, the manager!

Well, August has come to an end, and I can already feel autumn approaching.

The temperature has dropped a bit, which is really nice.

In Japan when we think of fall, we think of the food, reading, and more...

At Gran Tachikawa, we decided to make an autumn mood from the moment you enter the house. :)


This is the entrance to the lounge at Gran Tachikawa.


I thought it would be nice to decorate with the fall colors of maple leaves.

And, though it's a little early for it, I added the jack-o'-lantern too.

Moving inside...


I put a little branch on the notice board, too!♪


And put up decorations over the dining table!

I also thought I'd lay out some local/travel magazines with a autumn theme.

They're my personal choices, but I hope the residents find some useful info!


I like to try my best to make the interior match the changing of the seasons.

Not to brag, but I've gotten good feedback from the residents, which makes me happy.

After all, you might get bored of the same old lounge, so it's nice to change it up every once in a while.

After I finished the decorating, it feels like outside got a lot colder... were the weather gods listening??

Anyway, I'll write again in October!"


James here again. I loooove autumn in Japan. Not just because it's my birthday season, but the weather gets cooler, and the food gets better... plus lots of excuses to stay inside, haha.

If you live in Japan, it's also a lot easier to gauge when the leaves will turn, so you can go somewhere to see some really nice greenscapes. Last year I went up north to Karuizawa and the whole place was gorgeous in the fall.

Tachikawa is also a great base from which to get to places of nature, being on the west end of Tokyo.

Still some rooms available, and with a limited-time discount! Gran Tachikawa
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