Halloween Party @ Social Residence Machida-Kurihira



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Halloween Party @ Social Residence Machida-Kurihira

Today, I have a post to share from Ms. Rino Arita, one of our house managers. I've translated it for you below!


Happy Halloween, everyone!

I can't believe October is almost over...

It's getting colder and winter is on its way.
I hope you are all staying healthy, and take care not to catch a cold!

To keep the colds away, I like to drink hot yuzu or ginger tea, with some honey. It really warms you up, so I recommend it!

Anyway, of course when talking about October...

That means Halloween! Trick or Treat!!!!!!!

In Japan, Halloween suddenly has become a big event of the year.
You can see Halloween decorations throughout the town, and of course in our share houses too.

On the right is a jack-o'-lantern carved by one of our residents! We don't have the big western pumpkins in Japan, so they used a typical Japanese pumpkin. I think it works nicely!
Also, we had a big Halloween party at Social Residence Machida Kurihira!

The main dish was my very own homemade beef stew. I marinated the beef overnight in red wine. (I forgot to take a picture of the finished product...)


I had a lot of help from manager S.!

IMG_0523 IMG_0528

The residents had a lot of fun with the big feast!


We all celebrated Halloween together!
Some of the residents even dressed up, even though they might be a little shy. :)


For a lot of the residents, it was their first party, so they looked really shy at first, but once you start talking, it's really easy to find something you have in common with someone and make friends. It was great!
I loved watching people from different countries find common ground and start a new friendship.
That's the best part about living in a share house, in my opinion.


All in all, this Halloween party was a great success!
I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween too!


I also hope you'll come check out Social Residence Machida Kurihira, too!
Social Residence Machida Kurihira
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