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Today I'm going to write about fashion!! If you're interested please stay :)
I like fashion and it's also one of my passion. Today we're going to look into my closet! Where I keep my clothes, how I organise them and some coordinates that I like.

First, my sharehouse in Oakhouse urawa social residence, we are provided with a decent space of wardrobe . I like how it has a full length mirror attached to it so I do not have to buy another mirror. My closet is divided into two parts.


On the left, I put my jackets on the top and skirts on the Bottom. At the bottom of the cupboard keep some of my amenities such a spare toothbrush, travel toiletries kit, and most of the the refill stuffs.



On the right, I hang most my clothes. Since its the summer now I have most of my summer clothes.Sleeveless to  T shirts to blouses to dresses, and then on the bottom is some long sleeves shirt . On the bottom of the cupboard I have my compartment of plastic bags, paper bags and just some knick knacks.


It's not all! Under my bed there is also drawers attached to it . Divided into three parts, I keep my pyjamas and comfy clothes on the left, inner wears in the middle part and my pants trousers on the right. I'm glad that the bed has this feature so I also do not have to buy an additional boxes to keep these stuffs. Talking about convenience ! Plus it Kees everything together so my closet doesn't look messy and all. IMG_2619

Now I'm going to show some pieces of my collection. These are some coordinates I took over the spring-summer season. It's getting really hot now by the way!


Here are some of my favourite brands:

This aloha shirtis from Flamingo, a thrift shop in Harajuku. I really love thrifting! IMG_2610

This bag is from Manhattan Portage and I'm so in love with it! I've been using almost most of the days where I do not have to carry so much things. It gives a slight boy-ish feeling which is really my style but not too strong in the face tomboy.


Lastly I wanna show you this crop top that I got from topshop years back. It is a very simple crop top but it goes with a lot of things. Everyone needs a simple top like that you'll never go wrong with your outfit!


and thats all!! I hope you like this blog post. See you next week!!

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Hi! My name is Zen and I'm from Malaysia. I am now studying in a Japanese school in Tokyo. I am now staying in Social Residence Urawa. Do check out my YouTube and Instagram as I upload quite often! Cheers :)

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