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7Eleven Favs!

Hello hello hello! Today I'm going to write about convenient store favourites! There is 1 7-11 opened 24 hours just 2 minutes from My sharehouse Social residence Urawa. It is super convenient especially when I'm too lazy to cook and tired from a bad day, I'll just get some stuffs from the combini.

This post I will list out some of my favourite things to get in 7-11. Mind that a lot of these items usually don't stay for long , as the season changes 7-11 will change their items too , they like to do the so call "limited edition" items, but don't worry! You will always find something that suits you. Plus you get to try new things once in a while! There are many items that are staple too so keep reading.

1. Drinks


I mean look at this packaging!! I always fall for japanese packagings because they are too cute to resist!! Its really refreshing too, good for summer!

2. Dessert


This is a matcha mochi with black sugar filling. I totally love mochi and matcha goes great with everything in my opinion. This is limited edition! There is other products of this series too, like matcha roll cake, and so on.

I have lately discovered the magic of japanese pudding. Its not the pudding I've always imagined pudding to be, more like bouncy like jelly, but no, this custard/egg/cream pudding MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH its so creamy but light OMG im in love !!! And its cheap!


The other day i was craving for cheesecake and i saw this, its like a souffle cotton cheesecake ITS SO GOOD i miss my mom's cheesecake so so so much!


next is ice cream!!! This is just one of the many many kinds of ice cream. I was curious because its a cream cheese ice cream! You don't get it anywhere! So i tried and suprisingly quite nice.

3. Snacks


omg snacks. This is my ultimate favourite *junk food* although its not good for your health but i can't resist nice snacks to munch on when im watching a movie/studying.. its too good!

4. Onigiri


wow wow this two is definitely my favourite onigiri of all time. Left is mayo with shrimp, right is tuna and mayo. I don't eat meat (i do eat seafood) so the choices i have is not too much, but enough for a quick light meal. never go wrong with onigiri! totally on the go food.

5. Cup noodles

IMG_2605This is only available in 7E so please try!! My fav fav ramen. Its a chinese style tanmen, spicy and very much of the kick, but its so big and the portion is very fufilling. i always go for this when im searching for cup noodles. MUST TRY!!

There you go!! 7-E edition favourite food. NEXT is Lawson which is half way from my house and half way from the station. SEE YOU!

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