Nice places in Tokyo :) (1)



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Nice places in Tokyo :) (1)


Well it passed a long time since I could go out only for a funny time, academy and japanese study takes my whole daylight time and I can't take nice pictures  after the sun goes down so I'm gonna to tell you people about my first time in Ueno Koen since I arrived at Japan for third time (xD).

It was a rainy day (of course like the last days are coming) and I would't stay at home so I get my boots and my umbrella and went out direct to Ueno park. Ueno Park is one of my favorite spots of Tokyo, it's a quiet and pure place despite of the people and tourists. I love Matcha frappucino from starbucks and it's so convenient that terrace it has. I visited one of the temples there are there and praid deep and quietly.

I took lots of pictures to send to my family later and enjoyed the atmosphere, I remembered some moments I lived the last time I where there and I felt once more a lucky girl :D.

Oh but not was all good moments!!  After visiting the park I bought some snacks in a konbini near the station and I left my umbrella and when I paid and went out the store, someone stole it! And it was raining a lot...! Though... I was a bittersweet moment because someone said to me sometime ago that you can't say you don't know anything about tokyo lifestyle until you experienced an umbrella theft: Well I experienced so, umbrella thief, can you return to me my umbrella??? I live in Hakusan House :DDDDD A good and a quiet place so when you come, don't disturb my neighbours ok??? (just a little bit of humour :D)

So maybe the next weekend I'll go to Odaiba or Yoyogi, don't worry I'll post something about that!!


See ya dudes!!
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Kero Veros

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Hi there!!

It's Kero Veros from Hakusan House. A quiet and shy community.
Now I'm discovering Tokyo and I'm sure that I'll fall in love with.

I like tv series, doramas, languages, speak a lot (but i'm quite shy at the beggining).So if you see me please do not hesitate to poke me :DDDD