Urawa Matsuri + day off



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Urawa Matsuri + day off

Today is my off day so as usual I went for a jog near our area.


i really like this playlist because it motivates me immediately while running!

I ran to Parco and realised that there's a urawa matsuri ! (浦和区民祭り) I was so shocked because I saw a lot of banners and posters  putting up near the station and literally everywhere around urawa but I did not expect to see such a huge event.


It was held outside Parco, and there were stalls selling street food like dango, oden, beers, and there there are also many merchandise stalls and a stage! A band consisted of 1 lead female singer and 3 on the guitars and bases sang a few songs . It was wonderful!

I wanted to get dango but the queue was so long! So I went into parco to get some stuffs done and when I came out again it was sold out! Oh no.. At last I bought some mini taiyaki instead. It was filled with anko and custard.

I didn't stay too long because I continued my running. But it was indeed a wonderful event to bring all the residence together. Such a warm hearted afternoon! Plus the weather was perfect.

After that, I went back and got ready to go out and meet a friend. We met at shinjuku because from urawa it only takes around 20+ minutes one go so I like it. We had dimsum for dinner and tried out a new milk tea place in lumine est.

It was a great day!


simple ootd.


xiao long bao!!
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