Sweets Shops 1.0: Vin Rosé!



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Sweets Shops 1.0: Vin Rosé!

Vin Rosé is a shop located near the back of Katsutadai station, a large station containing two lines that connect to Tokyo near SR Narita, it is quite difficult to find especially because I went at night but when you find it once you won't miss it again!
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About 20 minutes by foot from the residence or approximately 7 minutes by bike it is very conveniently located, especially for those occasional cake cravings!
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Isn't this display incredible?

Vin Rosé offers an assortment of french originated caked and sweets, so I went there on a plan to try one of their cakes, but I ended up buying two because I couldn't choose!

I brought the box home and decided to try half of each!
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Mystery box? Just wait until you see what's inside!

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Doesn't it look delicious? It reminded me of the cakes I used to have back home, very nostalgic.

A close up on the cakes; they're very different but both very delicious!
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I can't wait to try the rest of their cakes over time! I may even write blogs about more sweets places as I am a huge fan of them.

And on a side note, the colors of the autumn are showing around SR Narita~
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