A recommended florist/gardening supplies store – Hana Kobo




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A recommended florist/gardening supplies store – Hana Kobo

Since I started growing basil in April, I have been to the florist three times to purchase more supplies to support the plants' growth. I would like to introduce the florist, which I highly recommend to anyone living in North Kawasaki.

Hana Kobo, for Flower Factory, is a florist and gardening supplies combination store. It is a stand alone building of 2-3 stories and is easily recognizable from its distinctively pink facade and prominent location at one corner of a large intersection along the 246 Highway. It is a 15 minutes walk from both Takatsu and Mizonoguchi station.

In large green kanji :花工房。You can't miss it.

I call it a combination store because it seems that most stores either sell only gifts and bouquets or do very serious gardening but do not supply fresh-cut showpieces. Hana Kobo is one of the rare ones that does both, and this is easy to see with its  large curtain windows, open doors and all supplies and plants spilling to the outside. This is part of the reason why I chose to visit Hana Kobo despite there being another florist closer to my location.

The first floor of HanaKobo is more of the florist. Behind the long counter they prominently display rows and rows of colourful wrapping paper, and the bouquet fridges spill almost outdoors. There is also a wide selection of dried flowers and bear/soft toy bouquets for those who prefer that alternative.


They also have put out racks of potted plants that you can simply buy and bring home to grow, ranging from herbs to all sorts of potted flowers. As far as I can tell, the plants are changed often according to their growing seasons. This is where I picked up my cherry tomato sapling.

That's my cherry tomato on the left!

The more heavy-duty gardening stuff is split between the second floor and an adjoining garage section. It is here that I found and selected my pots for growing my basil. There is also, of course, a selection of soil, fertilisers, mulch, pebbles and pesticides to deal with almost all sorts of situations. A caveat. My tomatos developed a small case of gnats and I read online that sticky tape will serve as a very effective trap for them, but Hana Kobo did not sell them. So at least that they did not sell. A homemade vinegar trap solved the problem though!


I have been to the florist about 3 times since April and I would have probably gone more if not for the current pandemic situation. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the supplies are plentiful and reliable. If you are considering growing your own garden in Kawasaki. Do come down and take a look.


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