Attend these events which don’t require any Japanese skills




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Attend these events which don’t require any Japanese skills


Japanese is a hard language to master but it doesn't mean it's hard to have some interesting/inspiring time in Japan.

Check out these events if you are looking for chances to learn new things or meet new people.

If you live in a share house like me, it'd be a good reason to hang out with your housemates. I live in a share house in Kichijoji called "Oakhouse Kichijoji 2" and I go to these events with some of my housemates sometimes.

1. PechaKucha Night

PechaKucha Night is an event where people show their passion in simple format they call "PechaKucha 20X20", meaning 20 slides in 20 seconds. According to their website, this TED like events (but much more casual one) started in 2003 in Tokyo. The format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The simple presentation format is perfect for conveying ideas and passions because no one wants to hear long talk anyway. You could be a presenter if you want too.

2. Temple University Public Events

Temple University in the United States has a Japan campus in Tokyo and they host interesting events every once in a while. I myself attended one of the events on the other day with my housemate. "Dialogue with Former US Prisoners of War in Japan 2015" was the title of the event. I heard that Sophia University also host a lecture/event on campus too. Check it out from here.


3. EuroSpace (A movie theater)

If you're too lazy to go to an event or a lecture, how about a movie? EuroSpace is a theater (not an event) but they show many interesting movies, usually lesser-known European indie movies. What I saw last time was the movie called "The Tribe" and "Camp 14: Total control zone", a movie about a guy who was born in North Korea's concentration camp.

Also, there are more of a well-known events like TED and Meetups in Tokyo too. For more events in Tokyo, check out "TimeOut Tokyo". They show many more events (even weekly events) and places to go.

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