Kamakura, our day trip!



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Kamakura, our day trip!



Soon after arriving, and to enjoy my last free days before the beginning of my classes, I decided to organize a day in Kamakura.
So I did what everyone did at the guesthouse: I wrote a note on the board of the common room to warn my roommates about my excursion and to propose to those who wished to join me. However, as I had planned this for a day of the week, I thought no one could come. But Hanna & Katelyn, two residents, were on vacation and were delighted to join me and one of their friends.
I am very happy to have been able to share this privileged day with them and to have had the opportunity to know them better :)


We left early the guesthouse in the morning for Kamakura. After a long hour of traveling, we arrived and after finding friends we started our visiting day.

Kamakura is a really nice town, near the sea, it is really good to walk there. There are more than thirty tourist spots, so every new excursion offer you new things to see or to do.
However, this was the first time I went for the cherry blossom season. It was just the beginning, but it made the day even more magical!


So we started with the visit of the biggest temple: Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. The gardens of this one are really huge and we got lost for at least two hours. We saw a floral display and drew our predictions. But it was all in Japanese so we just translated to know if it was positive or not, (mine was! yay!).

As you climb the stairs to the big temple, on the left there is a small staircase bordered by tori which leads to a very small temple that I adore. It is a little hidden and much less touristy and much nicer.


We also had the opportunity to see small squirrels too cute!


Then we made a hook at the Hokaiji Temple before going to eat. This one too is far less touristy is really very beautiful.


IMG_7515IMG_7520After an excellent meal on Komachi-dori Street, we headed to Hokokuji Temple to admire the bamboo forest.
IMG_7561IMG_7556IMG_7551 IMG_7543 IMG_7567 IMG_7569 IMG_7563 IMG_9112IMG_7514

And then, of course, we went to see the very famous Great Buddha! After that we ended up on the beach. It was very cold but it was so beautiful!


And then we came back. Sniff! It was really a great day and I'm really glad to have spend it with Katelyn and Hannah. This allowed me to get to know them better and I think I will try to spend more days with people from the guesthouse in order to better know them :)

And the last photo, the cupcakes souvenirs for our roommates <3






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