Inokashira Park and its wildlife



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Tokyo Nomad

Inokashira Park and its wildlife


Inokashira park is one of the main reasons why I decided to choose this guesthouse. Within a minute's walk you are there, and being next to such a beautiful park in Tokyo is an amazing chance.

I had already had the joy of discovering a lot part of the life that was there, like its birds, its insects, its fishes in the river and the lake, and a few weeks ago I even discovered the birth of small-so-cute ducklings (which have now grown!).


But what was not my surprise when tonight, when I went out to buy something to eat at the konbini, I met two strange little creatures.
At first I thought it was two cats. But they moved differently... so I stopped to observe them.

It was not cats, and I did not know what it was!
What a strange sensation!


When I returned to the guesthouse, I try to search on internet, but it's complicated to find the name of an animal that we have never seen before.
But, suddenly, I thought of something: there is a zoo in Inokashira park... and if those two creatures HAD ESCAPED?!

So I went to the Inokashira Zoo website to look for the list of animals they had. As all the names were in English (and I am French, as a reminder), I looked each name in google image to see if there was one that matched.
And then I found: it was masked palm civets! (pic from Google)

Masked palm civet (Paguma larvata)

So I panicked, and because I heard people in the corridor I went out of my room. It was Shima, Yui and Joon. I started telling my story, totally panicked, telling them to warn the police that some animals had escaped.

But Shima did not want to believe me:
"- Was it a tiger?, he asked, laughing.
- Stop making fun of me Shima!
- A lion ?
- Come on! We have to tell to the police!
- Sangey? (an ex-really tall roomate)
- Pfff, wait, I'll show you a picture! "

So I went back to my room to take my computer and show him the photos I had found on Google.
He burst out laughing: "These are ク ビ シ ン ン, they live in the park!". Joon explained to me that there were also raccoons.

It was really fun but, I confess, I felt a little bit...stupid.

I think it is as if someone came and said to me:
"Maud, I've seen gray birds outside, I've never seen before, I think they've escaped from the Paris Zoo!" And when showing me the picture, I found that it was only ... pigeons.

It is amusing to note that according to the countries, there are animals that we are not at all accustomed to seeing at liberty. And I am very surprised - and delighted! - to learn that there are raccoons and masked palm civets in the park.

I look forward to seeing them again!

Tonight, I finally understood the sensation when Sacha discovered a new species of pokemon! I just regretted to not have with me my pokedex (Note to myself: never again leave my pokedex at home).
So, from the next weekend, I will, like the other children, play in the river searching some new species ;)







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