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  • Women only
  • Men only
  • Non-Smoking house
  • Within 5 minutes to station
  • Shared lounge
  • Optical fiber
  • Bicycle parking
  • Car parking
  • Pets OK
  • Japanese only
  • Foreigners only

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Current address Honcho Itabashi-ku Tokyo
Line name / Closest station
  • Toei-Mita line / Itabashi KuyakushomaeStation
  • Toei-Mita line / Itabashi HonchoStation
Walk to nearest station 10minutes
Time to terminal station 巣鴨 / 5minutes
Floors in house 3Floors
Number of single rooms 6Rooms
Shared lounge Yes
Shared PC No
Bicycle parking Yes
Car parking Yes
Rental bicycle No
Internet Cable
Cable TV No

House comments

Female-only guesthouse in mansion building.6 small rooms but with 2 shower rooms toilets and sinks!Shakujii River nearby and convenient shopping area.15min from ItabashikuKuyakushoMae Station to Ikebukuro and 20 to Ueno.Great access.Jujo Station within walking distance. Great house for active women.

Other facilities

Bed、 mattress、 curtain、 table、 shared TV、 vacuum、 microwave、 refrigerator、 rice cooker、 shelf、 table、 chair、 washing machine、 lighting、 air conditioner、 shared PC

Resident information graph

Pictures Room number Room type Size Move in conditions Rent Maintenance fee Initial management fee Vacancy status Other
201 Single Room 14.85m² Woman Only ¥66,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Full Add to My List Inquiries
202 Single Room 9.9m² Woman Only ¥56,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Full Add to My List Inquiries
203 Single Room 7.4m² Woman Only ¥53,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Vacancy Add to My List Inquiries
204 Single Room 7.4m² Woman Only ¥57,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Full Add to My List Inquiries
205 Single Room 9.9m² Woman Only ¥61,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Vacancy expected
Add to My List Inquiries
206 Single Room 7.4m² Woman Only ¥58,000 ¥12,000 ¥30,000 Full Add to My List Inquiries
Listing Company Current address Property Type
Oakhouse Co., Ltd. 〒150-0036 Tokyo, Shibuya ward, Nanpeidaicho 8-11
  • Share house
  • Apartment
  • Social Residence

STEP1 Check vacancies, choose your house

You can search for houses using the methods listed below.

  • -Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center: Telephone: 03-6277-5131
  • -Check planned vacancy dates on each house\'s website
  • -Visit the Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center in person

If there is a vacancy

For room viewing reservations (for those who would like to view the room >> STEP 2
OR For move-in reservations >> STEP 3

If there are no vacancies

We will introduce you to houses that align closest with your wishes.
Also, if you have registered on a waiting list, we will contact you in the event that any vacancies arise. (Registering on the waiting list is free of charge.)

For residents, we require 1 month advance notice before moving out. We cannot answer requests for move-out dates within 1 month of your planned move out.

STEP2 Room viewing

Please make a reservation to see the room beforehand via one the following methods.

  • By phone: 03-6277-5131 (Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center)
  • By web: Follow the inquiry link on the the page of the house you would like to see

After we receive your inquiry, the house manager will contact you regarding the schedule. On the day of the viewing, the manager will show you the house. If you would like to sign the contract and move in on the same day as the viewing, please bring a photo ID.

STEP3 Reservation


1. Please fill out the move-in application form.
*We will provide separate guidance regarding the move-in application form.

2.After receiving the application, we will perform our stipulated inspection.

3.Please prepare the reservation fee.
■Reservation Fee
Signing contract between the 1st and 20th of the month → Initial management fee + Calculated daily rent
Signing contract between the 21st and the 31st of the month → Initial management fee + Calculated daily rent + 1 month of rent

■Management fee (paid only 1 time during 1st contract signing. Non-refundable)
Apartment: 30,000 yen
Single room: 30,000 yen
Share room: 20,000 yen
Compartment: 20,000 yen
Dormitory: 10,000 yen

Bedding is not included in Oakhouse provisions. You can purchase bedding from Oakhouse.寝Bedding set (pillow, blanket, pillow cover, bed sheets, cover): 9,000 yen.
If you would like to purchase bedding, please contact the manager beforehand.

STEP4Things to do when signing the contract

  • 1.Fill out the contract
  • 2.Identification ()copy
  • 3.Handing over of the key

*ID must have photo attached, such as drivers license, passport, resident card, alien registration card, etc.

Rent does not begin to apply until 10 days after the reservation has been completed.

Cancellation fees after reservation is completed

Between 1 month to 8 days before moving in: 50% of the management fee
Between 7 days before to the day of move-in: 100% of the management fee

The above fee will apply in the event that you cancel your reservation after reservation has been completed.


If you signed the contract before moving in, you can move in any time you like. If you will be signing the contract on the day you move in, you will be signing at the house with the manager, so please inform the manager in advance of your move-in details.

Please follow the rules and have an enjoyable guest house experience.

STEP6Choosing your move-out day

Once you have decided on your move-out date

Advance notice for moving out of single rooms, compartments, and apartments is 1 month in advance, while dormitories require 14 days in advance. When you have decided to move out, please contact us.

*Rent up until the move-out date will be calculated per day, and the calculated amount must be paid after you move out.

STEP7Deciding your move-out time

Once you have decided on your move-out time

When moving out, please choose a time that is during normal business hours. (For times outside business hours, please consult with the manager.)
Once you have the details of your move-out, please contact the manager.

STEP8Moving out (check-out)

When moving out, please make sure the room is clean.

If you will be meeting with the manager on the day you move out

The manager will confirm the state of your room and facilities. Give the key to the manager when you leave.

If you will not meet with the manager on the day you move out

Place the key in a designated place and move out by yourself. (You will be notified of the designated place to put the key beforehand.) Once the manager confirms the state of your room, they will contact you.

*Rent up until the move-out date will be calculated per day, and the calculated amount must be paid after you move out.

Mail Forwarding process

nce you have decided where you will be living next, we ask that you please carry out the process for having your mail forwarded to your new address.
Bring a personal ID to your nearest post office and carry out the mail forwarding procedure.

Thank you for using Oakhouse! We hope you stay with us again some time in the future.

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