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Last night on the variety show "Uchimura to Zawatsuku Yoru", Kumiko Kondo of the comedy duo Nicche was part of a project where she stayed at a share house for one week in her quest to find a marriage partner. She stayed in our Comfort Kamata house, and has apparently been known as a house at which you may find your life partner.

There are some pictures from the show here: http://mantan-web.jp/gallery/2014/05/12/20140512dog00m200048000c/001.html

 Comfort Kamata has 260 rooms in Tokyo's largest share house, and Kondo would stay there for one week. She says wanted to take part in the project because "I haven't had a boyfriend in five years. I really want to actively look for a boyfriend". The house threw a welcoming party for her and she ended up meeting four guys and talked with them more in the lounge.

 Comfort Kamata opened on March 1st 2013. Initially, it wasn't created with the concept of "find your life partner" in mind, but with up to 260 men and women in their 20's and 30's, many couples were formed and the media began referring to the house as the "marriage hunting share house", and the house shifted focus to be welcoming to people looking to make connections. 30% of the residents are foreigners, and among its residents are business owners, teachers, pastry chefs, and actors. While the house does not host events explicitly linked to marriage hunting, there are welcoming parties for new residents, birthday parties, other get-togethers, English and other classes, and many ways to make natural friendships and relationships.

 The producer of the show said of Kondo, "At first she seemed nervous, but she fit in right away and said that it was a fantastic place to live." As the presentation went on, the guests on the show as well as the host, Uchimura, became excited with interest in share houses.

Comfort Kamata is a 4-minute walk from Zoshiki station on the Keikyu line. You can get to Shinagawa, Kawasaki, or Yokohama easily. It is the largest share house in Japan! There are 2 co-working spaces great for use as a home office, a large café lounge with an 80-inch TV, spacious kitchen, fitness studio, wood deck, stylish smoking room, large public bath, a music studio good for use even with a full band, convenient vending machines, bicycle parking, car parking, and even a theater room, coming soon! All rooms have a veranda. Right next to the station is a very cheap supermarket for your daily needs. Come live among an incredibly diverse group of people!


Here are some reactions from Japanese people from the Internet:

"Wow, a 'marriage hunting share house' sounds nice!"


"I wish I could have lived in a 'marriage hunting share house'!" - "Me too!"

"I guess I have to move there and start looking!"

"That house looks really fun."


"How nice it must be to have people to talk to any time (^u^)"


"Someone please make more houses where I can find a girlfriend! (seriously!)"


"A share house where I can look for a boyfriend? LOL! I would love to meet foreign guys that speak Japanese. I'm so jealous of Kondo!"


"I bet there are tons of people who were waiting for something just like this."


"Zoshiki? That's right where I used to work! I should have lived there..."


"They talked about a share house where you can look for a marriage partner on Zawatsuku tonight... no key money, no deposit, utilities and internet included, fully furnished, huge shared kitchen and bath for just 75,000 yen... that sounds too good to be true! I can't believe there's a place like this in Tokyo! That is a really good price."



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Oakhouse is the cheapest guesthouse company.
Oakhouse is the cheapest guesthouse company.

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It's so easy, no need to worry about anything!

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Oakhouse keep it clean!

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