The Pilates family at Oakhouse Kawaramachi Kyoto




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The Pilates family at Oakhouse Kawaramachi Kyoto

Before we go any further, let me explain first what’s the purpose of Pilates, as some people from the shared house were asking:

As I said a week ago, Pilates technique was created by a German, called Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century. For its creator, one of his technique’s main results is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control of your body.
By working on the deep muscles, with a focus on the core (abdominal muscles and pelvis), Pilates corrects the body's alignment and encourages good posture. Pilates is a great technique for strengthening and toning, and at the same time ncreasing your flexibility.

So now that we know where it comes from and what it is useful for, let’s go to the class.
It was such a great pleasure to see the “students” from the 1st week coming back, and some new ones as well.

Photo 17-02-19 11 00 47

Beside the technique that you learn and the movements that you do, the benefit is so much more than that… And such a class has perfectly its place at Oakhouse.

The benefit if Pilates is to be healthy, and mainly to feel good, to feel good with your body, to feel good with oneself. And I always believed that when you are in harmony with yourself, when you are at peace with yourself, the relationship you have with others are so much more harmonious and peaceful.
So of course, harmonious relationship and peaceful atmosphere is what we are seeking for when leaving in a Shared House. But peaceful doesn’t mean boring, on the contrary!

What also makes Pilates perfectly fits at Oakhouse is the language, or let’s say the communication… Well wherever you practice Pilates, the names of the exercises will always be the same, in English. So whether you practice in Japan, China, France or Brazil, or whether your language is French, Japanese, Korean, English, you will be able to follow a class anywhere in the world!
It is a great lesson of communication: a lesson that there is no barrier of communication when you share something in common!
As I’m a foreigner, leaving in Japan, not being able to fully express myself in Japanese, I can still share and exchange, because the communication goes beyond words!

Photo 18-02-19 15 57 41


When we talk about Pilates (and Yoga as a matter of fact), we often talk as the Pilates family, the Pilates community, which is exactly what Oakhouse represents: a community, and new family!
I’m very happy to be part of both families… And I hope the Pilates family will keep growing at Oakhouse Kawaramachi Kyoto (and, why not, in other shared house…)!
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My name is Vanessa. I'm from Belgium.
and currently living in Kyoto where I'm planning to open a new Yoga/Pilates Studio.

I've been a Pilates teacher for 15 years. And I also studied Shiatsu Massage.
I love to share my passion and experience and I love to learn from others, meet people and laugh!

If you have questions about Pilates, Shiatsu or the course, send me an email: