Birthday Bash @ Parkview Miyazakidai




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Birthday Bash @ Parkview Miyazakidai

Not only do we MF members organize activities like; dinners, outside activities, movie nights and much more we also elebrate MF members their Birthdays. And this week we celebrated one of the MF members birthday. We surprised him with a three-course birthday dinner and with of course a nice gift.


When you live with people for a long time in the same apartment complex you get attached to each other. Some people you connect more than others but that is totally ok. From our moving in day on the 1st of April 2017 we instantly had a little group that felt connected with each other. This group varied from Japanese, German, Dutch, Australian & Hong Kong MF members.


It is very surprising how our MF group got together, as mostly you see people connecting with each other if your from the same country. We like our multi-cultural bubble that we have going on at Parkview Miyazakidai. And for us it is very important that when it is a MF members birthday we all celebrate.


For this birthday bash we bundled a three-course home made menu. Including a appetizer, main course and dessert. And because we are with such a bunch of internationals we decided to make a multi-cultural menu. Which include Australian, German and Dutch food.


The appetizer exist of Australian veggie sliders. Which means vegetarian mini burgers made out of beans. As our main we decided to go for German bratwurst with home made potato salad. And for the dessert will have Dutch poffertjes, these are small Dutch pancakes covered with powdered sugar.


The surprise birthday dinner really came to a surprise for the birthday boy. He was very happy to have all of these new friends around him and enjoy quality time together. As a gift we bought several different types of beers from different countries. Wrapped these with news papers and made a birthday box where he could start digging for his gifts. The kitchen at Parkview Miyazakidai is a great place for small events.


The three-course birthday dinner was delicious and we all had a wonderful time and some drinks on the side including wine and beers. Our belly's are filled with a mixture of international yummieness, and it is good to see happy faces. Of course we all shared costs to make this event happening. In the end sharing is caring. Who's birthday will we celebrate next time at Parkview Miyazakidai?

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1) Creating art, home decoration with recycled materials (plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans etc.)
2) English Lessons (I am a TEFL Certified English Teacher)
3) Swop parties, swopping clothes and be more conscious about the environment (re-use)
4) Organizing monthly OAK house get together
5) Cultural food exchange, cooking together different where everybody cooks something nice from there own country
6) Open house event, where anyone that wants to participate shows their room and has a little snack ready and ready to meet new people (social gathering)