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You don't come everyday to Japan and move into a social shared housing and find yourself floating away in a Onsen. Well I can happily announce that Parkview Miyazakidai has provided us with a Onsen in the apartment complex. How awesome is that!

Now ok I have to admit it is not your typical traditional Japanese hot spring, and obviously that is not possible since it's inside an apartment complex. However, when we moved in April 2017 when it was still winter time, a nice hot large bath is something everyone craves for.


How does it work. When I first came to Japan I had no idea what an Onsen was or how it works. But overtime I got more used to it. The Onsen at Parkview Miyazakidai is one week scheduled for men and one week scheduled for woman. The Onsen is situated on the first floor and when your stand right in front of the door you can see the schedule. It is very common for men and woman being separated from one another.


When you enter you leave your house shoes in front of the opening. You undress in the dressing room and bring your toiletry to the Onsen. You see different stools, washing baskets and showers. Decide where you are go and start washing yourself properly. Once you have rinsed yourself you can get ready to go into the Onsen.

Because the temperature of the Onsen might vary every day, you might want to take your washing basked into the Onsen and take some water out and pore it all over you so that you can get custom to the temperature of the water. Now your ready to move your body into the Onson.


Usually it takes me about 10-15 minutes to sit in the Onsen. It is a prefect time to relax after a hard day of work. And after you relax you notice that the Onsen is very hot, let your body decide when you had enough. Once you had enough you can take a quick cold rinse at the shower area and then move to the dressing room and get dressed.


You notice when it is summer people go less to the Onsen as it is too warm to take a hot bath. I like to go everyday if it is the women's Onsen week. It is a good way for me to relax and just think of nothing.

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