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Shop Till You Drop @ Book Off Miyamae-Ku

This is probably the best thing about living in Parkview Miyazakidai there is a 'Book Off' just seven minutes away with bicycle. Book Off is a huge chain store well know around Japan and offers products with massive discounts. Now you might think Book Off is mostly known for books. But don't get mistaken because Book Off also sells divers products like; clothing, furnitures CD/DVD's, games, bags and much more.


I never knew there was a Book Off in the neighborhood, until one of the MF members told me she purchased a second hand dress. She told me it wasn't far away maybe 20 minutes walk and by bicycle about seven minutes. When your back side is faced towards Parkview Miyazakidai apartment complex you turn right. You just keep on walking straight, passed the 7/11, Tokyo Store, Drug Store, Swimming Pool Club and then just at the end of the street on your right side you see Book Off. A big sign leads you to the entrance.image

On your right side you see the entrance for the books, games, CD/DVD's store and if you look to your left you see stairs that are going towards the second hand clothing shop. I am a sucker for second hand clothing, not only is it cheap, it is unique, it is also helping the environment because you are recycling clothes.


I have seen a lot of second hand shops in my life, but this one is gigantic. It is perfect when you arrive from your home country to Japan and you weren't able to bring all of your belongings. No need to worry because at Book Off you can purchase clothing from ¥200, yes I know I can't believe it either!


Everywhere you look, you see clothing. From bags, scarfs, hats, shoes, to jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, overalls, belts you name it Book Off has for everyone of any age something to offer. Book Off also offers a wide range of high end brands like: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Calvin Klein etc. Also a middle segment like The North Face, New Balance, Nike, Adidas and lots more.


I always end up with shoes somehow and sometimes I find myself lucky with some discounted bargains at the ¥200 section. Every day new items arrive and there are many discounts on top of the discounts every month. Definitely worth having a browse while you get the chance.


By Parricia
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1) Creating art, home decoration with recycled materials (plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans etc.)
2) English Lessons (I am a TEFL Certified English Teacher)
3) Swop parties, swopping clothes and be more conscious about the environment (re-use)
4) Organizing monthly OAK house get together
5) Cultural food exchange, cooking together different where everybody cooks something nice from there own country
6) Open house event, where anyone that wants to participate shows their room and has a little snack ready and ready to meet new people (social gathering)