Brand New Open: Social Residence Narita~

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Brand New Open: Social Residence Narita~


This is Jan from Oakhouse, I hope you are all well!

Just last week two of my colleagues from the Information Center - Nana and Rina - went to see the newest addition to our Social Residence Series: Social Residence Narita!
It just opened on the 1st of April and still got this brand new feeling about it!


Here's how it looks from the outside, looks pretty big, right?
With 230 rooms it's actually our second biggest property, right after Social Residence Kamata!

All of the rooms are normal single rooms and you even get your own private washing basin.
They are also of course already furnished and ready to move in right away!

The rooms also have a lot of storage space, making them perfect for people with a lot of luggage!



With a property this big of course the common space is up to scale and planned to accommodate that many people.
As usual you can find most of the shared spaces on the 1st floor.

You get a big dining room and lounge..

... a brand new kitchen ...

.. and and outside terrace..


Pretty nice, but also nothing special so far, right?

Don't worry, we're far from over!
Furthermore Social Residence Narita offers you a gym..

.. a squash and basketball court (I've heard the house manager is unbeaten so far!) ..

and even a Jacuzzi were you can relax your aching body after your work-out!

Everything looks really new and inviting!


But why is this property even called Social Residence Narita?

I guess everybody has at least heard the name Narita once, most likely when they first arrived in Japan from Narita Airport where most of the International flights still land.
And that's also where the house got its name from!

The closest station to the house - around 13 minutes to walk - is Katsutadai Station from where you can either take the Keisei Line or the Toyo Kosoko Line.

From the station you can reach Narita Airport without a change of trains in around 25 minutes, perfect for people who have to travel overseas a lot for work.

In the other direction you can reach Otemachi - and therefor Tokyo Station - in 40 minutes, again without a change of trains, making trips into the city easy as well.


On the way from the house to Katsutadai Station you will pass a supermarket, perfect for your daily shopping and the station itself offers some shops and stores as well.

Here you can see our house managers and Information Center staff exploring the area!


I wonder what they found?


I'd probably take the strawberry one!

Being at this end of the city of course also gives you easy access to a lot of parks and greens to escape the buzz of the mega city Tokyo.

And what's better than letting the evening end with some cold beer and yakitori?

Not much, right? At least that seems to be what our house managers think after their day touring the house and the surroundings.

I hope to see you soon at Social Residence Narita as well!


That finishes this blog's entry, if you have gotten at least a tiny bit interested then feel free to contact us 7 days a week between 10:00 and 20:00, looking forward to hear from you!


Address : 〒150-0002 Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Shibuya 3-15-4, Monostep Bldg. 3rd floor
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