Gran Takarazuka Osaka Part 4 – A Day Off

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Gran Takarazuka Osaka Part 4 – A Day Off

So we've looked at the Gran Takarazuka house (part 1), a day in the life of a student (part 2), a day in the life of an office worker (part 3)... but what about your days off? Let's see what there is to do around the local area!


In addition to daily life, your days off are also really important.

It’s a rare thing to live in Kansai, and still rare to live in such a convenient area.
So let’s go out and explore!

Mino Park can be accessed from Mino station.

From the closest station to Gran Takarazuka (Osaka), Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki, it’s a 20-minute ride with 1 transfer.

image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007

It’s a little bit of a hike, but it’s not too tiring. With good weather, the sunshine is wonderful.

There’s a foot spa, an insect museum, cafes, and food stalls along the road. There are also many places along the way to stop and rest, so it’s good for leisurely strolls.



























We made it to the waterfall! We were so lucky to see this rainbow! (´艸`*)
image008 image009 image010
























Himeji castle can be accessed from Himeji station.

From Gran Takarazuka (Osaka)’s closest station Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki, it’s a 90-minute ride with 2 transfers.






If you visit Himeji castle only, it’s 1000 yen for adults.

image012 image013 image014 image015 image016 image017 image018 image019 image020



























There is also a great guided tour App, and you can see many short stories at specific locations!









The Motomachi/Sannomiya Chinatown can be accessed from Sannomiya station.

From Gran Takarazuka (Osaka)’s closest station Hibarigaoka-Hanayashiki station, it is a 50-minute ride and 1 transfer.

image021 image022 image023 image024
There are a variety of shops, with department stores, electrical appliances, drugstores, clothing stores, and more. It’s a covered arcade street so you can shop in the rain worry-free!


















The weather wasn’t great this evening but this is a nice moody shot of a Chinese-style street.
image025 image026

It’s a convenient and nice place to live, and safe too.

It’s a good place for students or workers because it’s near Osaka and still has access to other parts of Hyogo, meaning you can travel easily for work, school, or play.




If you like what you see, make an application for Gran Takarazuka (Osaka)!
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