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Kyoto ②

After describing my journey to Shirahige Shrine in the previous article about my short trip to Kyoto, I will now talk about various things I did while staying in Kyoto.

Kyoto city, located within Kyoto prefecture, is so renowned it doesn't require an introduction. It has become a staple tourism location for foreigners visiting Japan. The city is located two hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen. The trip is so short Scarlett Johansson manages to get to Kyoto in the morning and be back in Tokyo in the evening, just for a walk around Heian Jingu Shrine.


The shinkansen stops at JR Kyoto station. The station is nothing special but it is possible to climb to the rooftop of the Isetan department store located within the station building for free and and enjoy a view of the city. The view from the rootfop showcases temples, sanctuaries and other pagodas that make up Kyoto's cityscape.


Kyoto Tower is located right across JR Kyoto station. The tower is very similar in shape to a lighthouse and it's probably one of the first element of the city you will see from the shinkansen's windows before arriving in Kyoto. It's an impressive monument in a city in which most buildings are only a few floors high. The tower dominates the city and offers an even more spectacular view than the one aforementioned.

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