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Social Residence in Machida Kurihira !


How is your summer going in Tokyo ? This mix of unexpected rainstorms and high levels of humidity...

We will present you Social Residence Machida Kurihira ! The residence is located 5 minutes walking from Kurihira station on the Odakyu Tama Line.


If you haven't heard of Odakyu line, it's a railway company whose trains depart from Shinjuku station towards the west of Tokyo prefecture. You can go to Hakone or Enoshima by riding the Odakyu lines.


Who says Social Residence says international residents; large individual rooms and high-quality common spaces ! (Why change a successful recipe ? Seriously.)

First, the residents of Social Residence Machida Kurihira are very international. If you move in this residence, you will very likely meet people from very different origins and backgrounds.


However, the majority of the residents are Japanese; you will be in an environment in which people speak Japanese which is a good thing if you want to improve your level of Japanese. You can learn more about the residents by clicking on the 'Resident Information Graph' on the residence page.

All the rooms are 11m² and individuals. Each room includes a bed, desk, chair and cupboard. AC and refrigerator is also included in the room.




Of course, you can decorate your room and make it your own personal space. If you come to study in Tokyo or do an internship or working holiday, you will probably stay a few months at the residence so why not customize it ? Here are different interior arrangements we made.



Regarding the common spaces, in addition to the kitchen and bathrooms, the residence has a big common lounge as well as a work space / library and a theater room !



The theater room is soundproof so you can also play instruments in there !


You will also find at the entrance, in addition to your personal mailbox, an entirely-secured delivery box so that you can get your packages delivered even when you are not at the residence.


Moreover, one of the residents is using a room as a massage salon. It is possible to book her massage services; the tariffs are displayed in the hallway. It's so much cheaper than a traditional salon and you don't need to leave the residence !


Finally, the managers regularly organise events at the residence. Perfect to meet the newly arrived residents ! It is also possible to invite your own friends at the parties !

IMG_1907 copy

Social Residence Machida Kurihira is the perfect residence if you just arrived in Tokyo and you want to meet new people and improve your level of Japanese. The rooms are pretty big for a rather cheap rent and the residence is super comfortable !

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