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Tama Nagayama Parkview


Rain season ended last week, has the Japan Meteorological Agency announced. What a relief !

We visited last week our residence Tama Nagayama Parkview. As its name indicates, the residence is located in Tama city, in the west of Tokyo prefecture, near Nagayama station.


There are actually 2 Nagayama stations : one is run by Odakyu and the other by Keio. It is possible to use both the Odakyu Tama Line and the Keio Sagamihara Line. Both lines can take you to Shinjuku within 30 minutes. You can also go to Shibuya by taking the Keio line and changing in Meidaimae.


There is a small shopping mall at Nagayama station. You can find around 30 shops and restaurants, most of them open until late in the evening. No need to walk very far to have dinner or do grocery shopping.

There is also a super sento near the station to enjoy Japanese baths and sauna !

Tama Nagayama Parkview is almost a Social Residence : international residents, large rooms and high quality common space ー the magic formula for any Social Residence.

All rooms in Tama Nagayama Parkview are 12m². Each room is equipped with its own bed, desk, chair and cupboard. The room also feature AC and its own refrigerator.



Regarding the common spaces, there is a lounge / living room and a kitchen.


The kitchen can be used by everyone. It is entirely equipped, whether is it cutlery, dishes or kitchen appliances. No need to buy anything when moving in at the residence.


There are storages in the living room for the ingredients and condiments you want to keep close to the kitchen so that you don't have to go back to your room every time you want need salt or soy sauce.


There is also a work space at the residence : perfect if you want to study in the calme at the residence in the evening after classes.


As usual, there is also a theater room.


You will also find a gym at the residence : no training machine but it is possible to do yoga, gym, dance, tennis table....


Finally, the managers at the residence organize a lot of events and parties with the residents of Tama Nagayama Parkview. You can meet the other residents during those events and make new friends. It is also possible to invite your friends at the residence !


Also, for the Studio Ghibli fans, you will probably recognize the sceneries of the movie 'Whisper of the heart'. It is set in Tama city !


I recommend you this residence if you're looking for a confortable place with a large room and a cheap rent !

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