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Hebel Stay Daikanyama preview

A BRAND NEW house is being built right around the corner from the Shibuya Information Center. It's called Hebel Stay Daikanyama, and it's got fully-furnished, serviced apartment rooms in a great location. It's outfitted with furniture, appliances, and even a handy device you can use as portable internet. It even has cable TV, and more!

I do have to say, it is rather expensive. Rooms start from 240,000 yen. But if you have the budget, and you want an easy way to find a great apartment, this could be great for you. You'd be right next to Shibuya, and right in Daikanyama, where there's lots of things to shop for, eat, and drink. From here you can also easily get to Ebisu or Naka-Meguro neighborhoods.

We made a video showing off the Daikanyama area, as well as the next-door gym. (I star in it, alongside my lovely co-worker!)

Here are some photos taken of some of the rooms. All the photos are great, so if you'd like to see more, just check out the link at the end!

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The house proper opens on September 7th. Check out Hebel Stay Daikanyama!

(Take a look at the really cool interactive 3D things, too!)
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