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Social Residence Aobadai

The other week, me and the other foreign staff took a jaunt out to Social Residence Aobadai, on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line. You can walk to the house either from Aobadai or Fujigaoka stations.

Every time we come out to a "Social Residence" house, I have to admit I feel a little jealous! They always seem like such friendly environments, with plenty of things you would be happy to have in a house, like a large bath, workout gym room, big kitchen, lots of other people to make friends with easily... hm, maybe I should move in to one...!

Anyway, let's take a look. First, plenty of places for a bicycle. This is a good area if you like to ride bikes.


A nice, at-home entrance area.


Whenever there's a house with a lot of rooms, it's cool to have something like this, where you can see everyone that lives here. It probably makes it a lot easier to remember names!


The gym has exercise equipment, which is really cool. Personally for me, I should exercise more than I do, but I haven't really been to a gym so I'd be a bit hesitant to actually go to a different location. So to have this stuff at home is nice.


There's a large Japanese bath here, too. Again, good if you're not yet comfortable going to a public bath.


With such a big building, it's helpful to know what is where! :-P


A small lounge on one of the floors.


There's this cool balcony area just outside of this lounge too, with artificial grass and a grill. Come out here and have a backyard barbecue!


The house is also growing a "green curtain", using bitter melon vines, called goya in Japanese. Just like the name says, they are very bitter, but they are used in a traditional Okinawan dish called goya champloo. I love Okinawan food so I hope they invite me over when these get harvested! :)

IMG_1224 IMG_1225

Theater room.


Various pictures of the rooms. One of the great things about these rooms is that there is a vanity sink in every room! Trust me, it makes a huge difference in a share house room when you have your own sink and mirror.

IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_1230

Smoking room. This one is brighter and quainter than ones I've seen at other houses.


In the lounge, people were having fun playing Mario Kart. The main Mario Kart master of our group was too shy to ask to play. Maybe next time! ;)


Another nice balcony area.


The kitchen, fully equipped with dishes, pots, pans, microwaves, rice cookers, etc etc etc!






And that's the house! If you're wondering about what's around it, apparently it's a 5-minute walk to convenience store, supermarket, drug store, etc.

Recently Oakhouse made a couple of cool videos, showing off not just the house but the surrounding town as well.

There's still rooms left! Check out Social Residence Aobadai!
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