Coffee Seminar at Fussa

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Coffee Seminar at Fussa

Hi there!

This is Aiko, a manager of Social Residence Fussa.

It's been a year since I left from this area, but I'm baaaack!
For those who are wondering where Fussa is, Fussa is located at west side of Tokyo(20 minutes train ride from Tachikawa, 45 minutes from Shinjuku) where Yokota air base is, and just within an hour from Okutama great mountain area.

I would like to write about brand new social residence Fussa  which is my current house as well on this brog.

Hope everyone will get to know this house, and hopefully come and see someday!

Today, I am going to tell about a special event held on May.

Coffee Seminar was held at Social residen Fussa's co-working space on 19th May.



This event was taken place thanks to a local cafe, WORDCOFFEE which was also so kind to cooperate to our special article.  You should definitely check this cafe out when you come to Fussa!!
This time, we learnt how to make a nice coffee.


Mr. Mashimo, the owner of WORDCOFFEE!
The way he taught was easy to understand, and the most importantly, so much fun!

Today's coffee: Ethiopia, Guatemala, Rwanda, and Columbia.

First, we tried these 4 kinds of coffee and enjoyed different tastes


I was so surprised at the difference of tastes.

This means I had been drinking coffee without knowing what I really had..


You can make better coffee if you just give little bit of more care to the way of grinding, temperature of hot water,  and the time you take for dripping.

And, now the time for " let's try making coffee by yourself"!



You must be smelling coffee only by seeing these pics.....



Everyone had so much fun!!

It's the best house to spend relaxing, chilling time and enjoy connecting people.
Check our web site and send message if you are interested!

I am looking forward to seeing you ~~~~
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Hello! I am Aiko, a manager of Social Residence Fussa!
I am going to introduce this brand-new-Social Residence to all:)