☆☆☆ Nagashi Somen (Japanese Noodle) Party ☆☆☆

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☆☆☆ Nagashi Somen (Japanese Noodle) Party ☆☆☆

Hello, this is Sato, the manager at Social Residence Tama Plaza.
There will be an article up about the nagashi somen event in June.

Even though it's a Japanese thing, even most Japanese people don't usually do nagashi somen, but we made our own machine and had fun doing it.

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This is what it looked like↑

The noodles flow faster than you'd think, so there's a knack to snatching them up.

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Other than somen, there was also hand-made inari-zushi (they have something similar in Korea too!) and karaage!

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We thought maybe we'd made too much, but it was all eaten up quickly. :)

We had 38 people come spend time with us, with not only Tama Plaza residents but other friends too.
It's a lot of fun having people from all over the world in one place!

We are currently planning for a pasta party in July! We hope you look forward to it!

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Hello, this is Sato, the manager at Social Residence Tama Plaza!!