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Nagashi-Somen at Fussa


Hello! It's Aiko from Social Residence Fussa.


It's getting hotter and more humid!

Don't forget to prepare yourself for Japan's UNCOMFORTABLE summer.........


But we of course have a good solution for fighting with that hot!


We had Nagashi-Somen party at our yard last month.

It's a Japanese summer event that everyone enjoys cold noodle (called Somen)!

It serves noodles not in a bowl or plate, but racing by in a pipes with flowing water.



You catch the noodle with your chopsticks and dip them in sauce!



Of course, not only with sauce, but you can enjoy it with variety of toppings.


One of the residents brought a yellow water melon:D


Everyone enjoyed the noodles and hot summer sunshine!!!


Next event at Social residence Fussa will be BBQ party on Saturday, 21st of July, starts from 12am!

If anyone interested, please feel free to contact from here.

It also can be a good opportunity to see how this house is!!

See you there~~:)

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Hello! I am Aiko, a manager of Social Residence Fussa!
I am going to introduce this brand-new-Social Residence to all:)