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Oak summer camp!! (4th Aug)

Hello everyone!


Hope everyone is doing great:)

Today I would like to introduce a big fun event!!



In this event, there will be:

BBQ/Games/Watermelon splitting/River activity

Anyone who wants to enjoy summer activities, meet new people,

this is going to be the best event for you!

Do not miss this chance and go sign up!

↓We had almost 200 people last summer!



↓↓Movie from last summer↓↓



↓↓Here are details↓↓

【Summer Camp Outline】

Date and time: Saturday, August 4th 2018 8:00am ~ 3:30pm
Place: Kamanofuchi Park Tokyo, Ome city, Oyanagicho 1392
Access: JR Ome line, 13-minute walk from Ome station. Cross the bridge in the park and walk 4 more minutes
The park is much closer than last time. (according to staff)

Closest bus station: Oyanagi



Apply from our event page

or eail to:


※※※Notes ※※※
<The judgement of carrying out the summer camp >
We will judge if carry out the Summer Camp or not and put the result of judgement on this form after 5am on 4th.Please make sure event page on the day.

1,000 yen (even if you come late)
This will be used for prizes, provisions, and insurance in case of injury.
※If you registration LINE@ or Oak membership,Gifts(special water) will be presented to the first 200 arrivals.

<Things Oakhouse will provide>
BBQ set, charcoal, lighter fluid, paper plates, chopsticks, paper cups, air pump, tongs, gloves

<Meeting time>
We will be preparing from 8 AM. Helping set up camp is a great way to get to know each other!
Listening to feedback from last year, everyone felt like the time just flew by. Come and enjoy summer camp to the max!
There will be PR filming on the day of the event.

Please provide your own meat, vegetables, etc. for the barbecue.
(Oakhouse will provide some other food for prizes on the day, but since we can’t get a proper headcount before the day we may be unable to provide food for everyone, so please bring food you would like to eat.)

You can buy food etc. at shops near the station if you haven’t enough time to buy food etc at the day or a day before. However, there is no supermarket by the station. There is a convenience store, greengrocer, fishmonger, and butcher near the station (Tokyo, Ome, Honcho 160). *grocer and fish shop open at 9, meat shop opens at 8.

Games will start at about 11:00 for the chance to win prizes. No late entries!
The team with the best results in the games will win great food prizes. (Last year the prize was a fantastic seafood meal!)

Please bring your own drinks. There is a convenience store near the station, and vending machines in the park. There is a sake shop 5-minutes away.

Sake shop: Tokyo, Ome, Oyanagicho 1469 Nakashima Mojuro shop

Please bring swimming wear if you would like to play in the river, as well as a change of clothes and towel.
(Oakhouse will provide flotation items, etc., but they are limited. Please bring your own if you would like)
The river this time has stronger currents than the one last year. We may ask you to leave if you play in the dangerous areas or do anything dangerous.

<Cleaning up>
We ask that attendees help us clean up afterward. Also, from 18:00 on the grounds of Nagayama near Ome station, there will be a fireworks display until 19:00. We hope you will attend with us!

Application deadline: on 31st of July by 5:00 pm!
※Because of preparation and application for an insurance. If you would like to apply even though it’s past the deadline, please ask manager.



Now you want to go this event, don't you?

We are looking forward to seeing each of you there!!!!


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