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Summer in Fussa!!

Hi there!

It's Aiko from Social Residence Fussa.

It's been a while since my last post...

Hope everyone is doing great!



There have been something summery at Social Residence Fussa~~


One day, we made detox water,


It was fresh taste!


Some wine were added at night and this turned into Sangria..:)



The other day we planted some vegetables.


planting tomato.

We also planted eggplants, and cucumbers.





And of course, we can't miss BBQ in summer!!!

More people joined than we first expected, so we went shopping again!


Colorful vegetables~~

One resident, working on the Yokota base, kindly bought some meats from a butcher!

You can see the volume of meats from the mother country of BBQ!
Then, we just grilled and grilled...
IMG_6429[1] IMG_6446[1]

and kept eating!!

IMG_6434[1] IMG_6442[1]

It was so hot day but we never mind the heat when we stand in front of meat!




More than 40 people gathered to this party!

Please check our WEB site if you are interested!

Good price campaign is still going on, so


I am looking forward to seeing you in this nature surrounded house☆


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