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Shiratama Welcome Party!!

Hello, this is Tama Plaza manager, Takashi "wishes-the-weather-would-make-up-its-mind-either-hot-or-cold" Sato.

I want to talk about the welcome party we had at the house, where we made shiratama!


To tell the truth, I'd never actually made them myself so I was a little worried.


"How firm should they be?" I was asked. "just go with your feelings," I say, not knowing myself!


Balling up the shiratama. Everyone is so good for their first time!


They kind of look like white blood cells, don't they?


We tried them with kinako, azuki, and mitarashi! The most popular combination was condensed milk and azuki. 17 people came to this nice little party.




↑ Tama Plaza Halloween Night is Saturday, October 21st! Last year we had a costume contest that proved very popular with 40 entrants! People from outside Tama Plaza are very welcome, so we hope to see you there too!

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Hello, this is Sato, the manager for Setagata and Suginami area!!