FORO Eifukucho Hot pot Party!

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FORO Eifukucho Hot pot Party!

Hi everyone! This is Sato from Oakhouse.
Right now the flu is going around, so I hope everyone has been staying healthy!

Recently we had a nabe party at FORO Eifukucho.
f We all set up together, which only made us more excited!

a  It looked amazing, and tasted great too!

c We made 3 different broths for the nabe, and ate them all!

b After the party we moved to the lounge for karaoke haha!

This space is the pottery workshop. It takes place once a month, so we hope you'll join us! FORO Eifukucho is a perfect space for two people to live together, so if you have someone you will be living with I recommend checking us out.

See you next time!
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Hello, this is Sato, the manager for Setagata and Suginami area!!