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1st Anniversary BBQ!

Hello everyone!


It's been a while since the last post....

How are you doing??




23rd of March, we had 1st anniversary BBQ party!

Though it was a chilly day for early spring, we had fun for sure!!



We got steaks from Yokota base thanks to a resident who works there!


Please look carefully at them!

Carefully, carefully...



IMG_E7517[1] IMG_E7517[1]

Yes, they are SUPER cheap!!

You can see  ribs on the right pic, and those were just about 12 dollars, surprisingly!!!

Now we  know how much American loves BBQ★☆



At this party, there were of course current residents, resident's friends, people from other Oakhouse, and even a previous resident who came all the way from Iwate, which is almost 500km away from



There were a lot of people that it didn't take long till cooked stuff was gone from each plate!





A precious picture of ribs being cooked.



More than thank you to the people who took care of the grill!!



The total participants were


Of course this was the biggest party in Social residence Fussa's history.



Thank you all for coming to the party~~~~~~


Please looking forward to next one;)





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