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Hi everyone!

I’m Amanda, a final year graduate student currently interning in Japan. Actually, this is my very first post as an “Oak blogger”. I am very happy to get the chance to share my experiences at Oakhouse and in Japan with all of you, whether you are currently living in a sharehouse or considering it. My time here has been awesome, and I hope my blogs can show that to you all.

I really could never have predicted the diversity of people I would meet during my stay at Oakhouse, from rickshaw drivers to Japanese language students to bartenders. Always having been curious about exploring new places, and especially meeting new people which have different stories to tell, this is what has made my stay at the sharehouse so interesting. This is part of the reason why I chose to stay at a sharehouse rather than an apartment during my one year stay in Tokyo.

In the first batch of my blogs, I would like to introduce to you some people I have met at the sharehouse, with whom I have created some memories. First of all, I would tell you about Eri. He always comes back late to the sharehouse, as do I, because he works as a bartender in central Tokyo. So sometimes we would talk in the hallway when coincidentally bumping into each other, arriving home at the same time. Then one weekend, we bumped into each other again around lunch time, therefore this time deciding to have lunch together in Asakusa, a main tourist spot, which is conveniently nearby the sharehouse.

During lunch, we exchanged stories to a greater extent and with more energy than is possible at 11 pm after work, the time at which we usually spoke. I learnt that Eri is traveling around the world, working as a bartender. With plans of bartending in Singapore, Australia and France, Eri’s story really astounded me. I admire how some people can find what they are passionate about and chase it.

I ended up visiting the bar at which Eri works in Tokyo, actually during his last shift. He made a (strong) apple and egg-white based cocktail for me and also some other customized drinks for some friends I brought along. (Thanks for that!). I hope to visit Eri’s own bar someday.

Good luck with your travels, to Eri and everyone else following what they love.

I want to tell you guys more about people I have met at Oakhouse. But until next time, take care!



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I am half Swedish half Trinidadian, currently interning and writing my thesis in Japan. I am having a great time here, enjoying my time in Japan and at Oakhouse!