Social Events with Share House Friends!

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Social Events with Share House Friends!

The part I most looked forward to about living in a share house was making friends and getting to spend time with each other. Whilst the house is very quiet and you hardly ever see anyone, when you do cross paths you always end up having a lovely conversation or even meeting someone new. At Flora Yokohama Hoshikawa, we also have a LINE chat where we can contact each other and organise events. Since I’ve been at the house (approximately one month now), we’ve been to the fireworks together, had a hand rolled sushi party and watched movies together!

The first social event since I moved in was especially fun since I finally got to meet more of the people I was living with. On this occasion we went to the fireworks at Yamashita Park in Yokohama and then went to have dinner together afterwards. We spent the time getting to know each other better, admiring the pretty fireworks over the bay and laughing at each other’s funny stories.


After that we decided a few weeks later to have a hand rolled sushi party. Only five of us attended but it was so much fun! We rolled our own sushi, learnt about our different interests and chatted for a while after. Not only did I get to spend some fun time with friends but I got to experience another part of Japanese culture too! I’ve never made my own sushi before so rolling the sushi was as close as I’ve gotten - it was super cool and delicious!

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A few days later, one of my friends and I met in the kitchen area to share cake and watch a movie together. We just relaxed in our comfy clothes, ate scrumptious cake (which my friend had made in our share kitchen) and watched a romance/drama movie till late at night. Living here with friends means you don’t even have to leave your house to have fun!

It’s times like these where I’m so thankful for living in a share house because if I had have been living by myself, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hang out and enjoy time with these awesome people, let alone even meet them!

We plan to have many more social events where the residents of Flora Yokohama Hoshikawa can come together and meet each other, whilst having fun and enjoying our time in Yokohama. You never who you’ll meet when people are moving in and out all of the time!


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