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Decorating on a (Size) Budget

When it comes to decorating a small room, my room at Oakhouse Harajuku may be proving to be the biggest challenge of them all. Though the rest of the share house is spacious, the semi-private rooms consist of a bedroom space only a few feet in diameter concealed in a crawlspace similar to a capsule hotel. Since I can’t fully stand in my room, can’t hang anything on the walls using tape or other adhesives, and can’t pierce the walls, decorating frivolously becomes difficult. Secondly, since my room itself is only a few feet in diameter, my bed takes up two thirds of my room while a shelf, a desk, and a miniature fridge takes up all other available floor space. Because of all of these things, one could wonder how living in and decorating a room this size for fun and function is possible, however, I believe that I have some useful tips.

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First and foremost, in a room of this size, organization is key. With such little space, you’ll want to have everything that isn’t used daily stored away to provide yourself with the most space to perform tasks such as getting ready for the day and studying. However, organization is one of the points at which some people may not realize that a room itself can be changed dramatically. By choosing cute, decorative, or unique organizational tools, you can spruce up a room before the true decoration has even begun. In my case, I chose small Sanrio patterned storage boxes to hold my items from Daiso, an extremely popular one-hundred-yen store, meaning that everything is equal to roughly one American dollar. By choosing these patterned boxes, I could meticulously organize my items without the use of a dresser, and add a cute and cozy feel to my room without any effort.

Secondly, simplicity is key. In my room, I would love to place a whole shelf of colorful figures to enjoy and brighten up my day. However, in this case with little desk space, it’s necessary for me to choose my favorite items to decorate my room. In this case, choose a few colorful items that most represent your style to decorate the space. Things such as plants will brighten up the space and create a healthier atmosphere for your room. With these few items, your room will seem brighter and thoroughly decorated while staying simple regardless of your personal style.

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Kara Goughnour

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Kara Goughnour is a freelancer and YouTube content creator studying literature and creative writing in Tokyo, Japan. Through Oakhouse, she is able to live in Harajuku and enjoy harajuku lifestyle, her hobbies, and Japanese culture.