Spring memories

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Spring memories

At first, I was really happy to know I'll be moving back to Japan this spring. I never got the chance to properly enjoy the cherry blossoms in Tokyo. The only time I was in the capital during the sakura season was in 2012, but it just happened that I had an immense bad luck back then. I had a terrible cold which lasted for months, so I wasn't able to do much during spring.

So I arrived here at the end of March and was really excited. I had a list of pretty cherry blossom spots and promised to go visit all, but it seems that my bad luck continued. Schools started in the first week of April and my life got way busier than I was expecting.  Again, I wasn't able to do much. But even so, this time I'm glad to say that I managed to visit a cherry blossom spot - and it was so beautiful it makes up for not being able to go somewhere else.

I managed to free some time and went to Sumida Park just in time to see the flowers in full bloom. People who read my blog posts already know this, but I'll mention it once again for those who just stumbled upon my articles - I'm absolutely in love with Sumida River and the park that goes along it. And seeing it drowned in a sea of pink flowers made it even better.



I was able to go two times and it rained on both days, but rain will never stop me from enjoying something. I actually feel like rain makes nature a lot prettier most of the time.

I was very (pleasantly) surprised to see the river full of yakatabune. Yakatabune are small and cozy sightseeing boats were you can also eat and drink. I am used to see those in Odaiba, gathered around Rainbow Bridge, but never saw any in Asakusa. I guess their course change when there's something interesting to see in a different place. I took a lot of pictures of these pretty little boats together with Sky Tree.



I also enjoyed seeing people eating under the cherry blossom trees. Everyone seemed very energetic despite the fact that most people came there after long hours at work. I couldn't do a picnic unfortunately, but still wanted to eat something while watching the beautiful view. In the end, I bought some pork skewers from the street stalls and immersed in their deliciousness as I admired the sunset.

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