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Urawa Matsuri

Last month, there was a festival in Urawa! The reason why I posted this long after is because I took some pictures with my film camera. I had to wait awhile for it to get developed and sent in digital form so it's late , but the pictures turned out really good so I'm happy!

It was a Sunday and I was about to head out to Shimokitazawa to meet a friend at around 4pm. I was on the way to the station until I realised oh yeah there should be a matsuri today in urawa since there were posters all over. True enough, not even half way to the station, I saw people walking towards somewhere, some with their yukata.


When I reached the Main Street, stalls were up, stages were up, it was so happening even at 4pm. My mood immediately raised up because I really love Japanese festivals!

Kids, adults, senior citizens, friends, couples, families, everyone has their own sweet time touring around the area, buying some snacks or playing some traditional games. There were stages where people perform drums, wore a "oni" which means creature costumes and more. It was a delight view!

The festival was held all the way until near the station. Although I did not join the whole festival, I had a good time taking some wonderful pictures. I walked and stopped, took pictures freely and enjoy the ambience. Being alone had me took my time to absorb my surroundings.

Urawa is beautiful, I'm glad I chose to stay here .

Here are some pictures i took with my film camera. Love it! 02AEA1A6-FF2B-4311-A82F-4043ABF3A636



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