Why Do Bellydance??

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Why Do Bellydance??

Why to do belly dance?

Have you ever seen a beautiful dancer shimmying and glittering on stage in the spotlight and wondered “How the heck does she move like that?”. Many people around the word have been captivated by belly dance and has in recent years become a popular pastime for many women. Though this art form has gained a decent following, there are still some assumptions that discourage others from trying. Some include: You must have a model body, and only women belly dance. Both are not true.

Belly dance is fairly low impact and unlike ballet, dancers are not required to have a certain body type or weight. Actually, in many Middle Eastern countries, where the style originated, dancers are encouraged to have a fuller and curvy shape, so to see the movements better.

Yes, guys, men can become belly dancers too. Though male belly dancers are not as common as female dancers, the community is open and welcomes dancers from various backgrounds.  In Turkey, there has been an increase of male dancers in the professional dance scene and many of the best international belly dance instructors are men! For example:


Ahmed Hussein (U.S/ Egypt)


Simon (U.S/ Lebanon)


 Tito (Egypt)


Ryan (China)

 So guys, give it a try! It's also a good way to meet girls! (0_~)


 Just saying~!

Why Do Belly Dance?

Belly dance provides many benefits. It’s fun and a great workout for everyone! Here is a list of reasons why you should try belly dance:

  1. Performing is fun!- You can impress your friends and family with your new moves

  2. Increase flexibility- Belly dance is all about muscle control. In the process, you learn about new muscles you never knew you had.

  3. Increase body awareness- Piggy-backing on #2, in order to increase muscle flexibility, it is important to increase body awareness. You learn how to listen to your body’s needs and wants.

  4. Increase self-confidence- One of the most important lessons. Many dancers began with low self-confidence. As they learned about their bodies and what their bodies can do, their began to build confidence in themselves. – The glamorous costumes help too!

  5. Make new friends- Belly dance classes are a great way to make new friends and share the fun of belly dance. The dance community is also wonderful and is supportive of fellow dancers around the world.

  6. Learn about a new culture- Many people don’t realize belly dance originated from the Middle East (Egypt, Nubia, Morocco, Turkey, etc.). As you immerse yourself in the belly dance lifestyle, you get many opportunities to learn about these countries and their cultures.

  7. Costumes- How can I forget the FABULOUS costumes! If this isn’t a reason to learn belly dance, I don’t know what is! It is a dream for many girls and women to dress up in glittering sequence and jewels. For belly dance performances, you can to exactly that! Live the dream!a27ed00bfd7ab42ed25a8d45fd7b61ff

  8. Learn new moves for clubs and parties- As a belly dancer, you learn so many tips and tricks you can use at parties or clubs to impress your friends. From belly rolls, to balancing a flaming sword on your hip, to flipping a coin with your stomach, you are sure to learn a trick or two to keep your friends guessing!

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