Urawa Date part 3

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Urawa Date part 3

Urawa date part 3 is up !

This time our course was

Kisaten -> Dinner (Thai food) -> Sentou

So once we walked pass this olden Japanese coffee shop and we immediately wanted to go in but we were suppose to go to another cafe that time so we decided to go here another day. Yesterday was a perfect day to start our journey with a cup of old school coffee and a cake. The interior was obviously, retro, which I like. Yet, only maybe 1 customer was inside. How do these places survive? Sometimes I ask myself.




After a few talks we head over to the Thai food restaurant just near the station. It was so good tho! My friend haven't had Thai food before so I introduced to her some popular Thai food and ordered them. She couldn't take spicy so we ordered all the dishes that were not spicy. But it was SOGOOD!


Dinner was perfect, and then we head off to the public bath. While I was doing some research I found out that the public bath was a set of a shoot in a movie. We were uber excited because it looked really old school and just really cute with the Mt Fuji and all. But guess what, the public bath in urawa has the same name but it was actually the different location lol. That was why I felt weird like. No it doesn't look like in the movie or pictures?? Felt a little disappointed but oh well, felt really awesome and refreshing after the hot hot bath tho.

IMG_9912 IMG_9908

Of course we planned a 4th trip and I can't wait already!! I love urawa!!
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