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Lately, a couple of my friends from cooking club and I have been getting together weekly to have a Joushi-kai. I know it's kinda questionable to call it that since I am a guy, but we do all the activities characterized in a Joushi-kai. We buy a bunch of snacks, particularly sweets and alcohol, get comfortable on the couch here at the sharehouse, and share stories.
Of course most of these stories are about romance, etc--my favorite topic as it is good inspiration for my shojo manga stories I write.
I've realized I've been through some...interesting romances, and is remarkable, some say admirable lol
I've been saving the best story, even though I've been wanting to tell that one the most.  It's a very heartmoving story that should one day be turned into a movie. Even though it's over, perhaps one day I can share that awesome story with the world. But for now I'll just start with sharing it at Joushi-kai tomorrow.
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I am an American working toward becoming a mangaka.
I'm 27 years old and I enjoy many things. Drawing, cooking, singing, dancing, and making friends!