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What's one thing good about living with a lot of people? Sharing food, of course! Today was a good example of how useful living in a sharehouse can be.

Picture the scene; a blistering sunny day, four girls, all very tired from partying perhaps a bit too much the night before. Their fridges are empty, their stomachs are growling... In this situation there is only one solution: PIZZA.

But not just any pizza will do, and this is where the mission starts. First off, ordering pizza in Japan is surprisingly expensive, compared to the prices I'm used to back in Ireland. This got me thinking the idea that delivery pizza in Japan is more of a luxury - and this day definitely a day that we needed to be pampered.

After getting the idea to order pizza, we come to another great decision. You see the thing is, ordering one pizza is actually quite expensive here; after you calculate in the delivery cost etc. it ends up being quite a bit of money spent. But if you have more people, you're going to need more than one pizza, right? Splitting the cost will of course, make the pizza taste even better - but it gets even better, what if one of the pizzas came for free?

This is where it really gets interesting. It's an idea that I've never heard of in Ireland, but now I'm wishing we had it too. In Japan, if you order pizza and choose to collect it yourself instead of getting it delivered, they like to give you a little 'gift'. This gift can be one pizza for free or you can opt into a 'buy one get one free' choice. It really seemed too good to be true, pay for one pizza but get two instead? You've got to be kidding me.

So after a little coaxing we managed to convince one housemate to cycle to the nearest pizza store to collect our food. This is another great thing about living in a sharehouse; there's so many people that you can always find someone who is willing to help - though that being said, the payment was pizza, so who could resist that?!

2018-07-16 16:41:04.097

So after all that, our pizza party was a huge success! We all cuddled up on the couch together and started our Netflix marathon. Six hours later we were all still there, planning our next meal together. Living in a sharehouse gives you lots of opportunities to spend a lovely pizza filled day with your housemates! Life doesn't get sweeter than this.
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