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It's a Friday night in Tokyo, the work week is finally over and it's time to kick back and enjoy the weekend. But how are you going to do that? Honestly, I had no real plans on Friday evening. I had anticipated making dinner with whichever housemates had decided to take a quiet night at home and chatting a bit before going to bed. However, this wasn't what my Friday turned out to be, you know what they say, the best made plans are the ones you can't plan ahead for.

I was in the kitchen early enough, having finished my work early in the day. The sun had set already and the dark sky was dotted with stars. Usually Friday nights are quiet at home, most people take the chance to meet up with friends outside of the house and party hard to get rid of all that work stress. To my surprise there was a few more people than usual in the kitchen. Some faces I hadn't seen for the whole week, since they were holed up in their office with work.

It's crazy to think that so many people are living here but it's possible to go weeks without seeing someone, but that's also what makes it so interesting to see them again, when they do eventually get some time.

So, here I am in the kitchen, my belly full from dinner and my housemate announces that she wants to make tapioca milk tea. I watched with curiosity as she filled a boiling pot of water with these mysterious little black bobbles. Then came my part of the process, being a big tea drinker, it was my task to start brewing up some black tea. Unfortunately, since there's a massive heatwave at the moment, the idea of having cold and refreshing milk tea wasn't exactly achievable. Though we did our best, keeping the tea in the fridge and dumping in as much ice as we had.

Meanwhile, our other housemates start to congregate around the TV, bringing snacks, popcorn and wine. We discuss an exchange, some tapioca milk tea for some snacks (pretty reasonable if you ask me), and then learn that they're going to have a marathon of a classic anime from 1979 called "The Rose of Versailles".

Once the milk tea was ready we all snuggled up on the couch together around the TV and watched as the anime title started to play. What started out as a seemingly boring Friday night at home, became a unique event "Milk Tea & Chill".

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