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What to do in Kichijoji

There's no denying that Kichijoji is a great place to live in. For the past years, Kichijoji has been among the top three locations to live in Tokyo. But why exactly is it such an appealing place? It's hard to just name one great benefit of living in Kichijoji; the transportation options mean you can reach either Shinjuku or Shibuya in 20 minutes, it's far enough out of the city centre that you can easily reach nature havens such as Nikko or Ome and if you need a closer fix for nature, Inokashira park offers a great area to walk, exercise or just take in the views of the lake.

But Kichijoji is a popular day trip for other Tokyoiites. Boasting multiple craft and handmade stores, you can really feel the spirit of the artist is still well and alive here. On the weekends, many artists come to showcase their work in the park, as well as many street performers and musicians. It's a great and lively atmosphere which completely transforms the area.

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Other than the park, you can try your hand at thrift shops. Second-hand stores and vintage clothing is all the rage with young people in Japan right now. If you happen to feel the same admiration towards the look then Kichijoji is perfect for you. Home to some big name stores such as Chicago and New York Joe, you have ample chances to shop till you drop. But if vintage isn't your taste, there are also big name stores such as Uniqlo, Gu and GAP to name a few.

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Food is also a big part of Kichijoji, you can pretty much find any cuisine you might want to try here. Be it sushi, tempura or ramen noodles, of course the Japanese cuisine will have the best range of choice for you. But there are also many pizza places, such as Garage 50, tapas bars, curry restaurants and of course, hundreds of cafes. There's also multiple bakeries, many of which are very close to the house: Hara Donuts and Cocone Bakery being firm favourites.

Coffee culture is big in Japan, but unlike many European cultures, the coffee here is usually drip coffee. Since the cafe world is so big in Kichijoji, I'm going to have to make that a whole other blog post (so stay tuned).

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Night life is also a big plus to living in Kichijoji. Although the JR and Keio line mean that you can party in Shinjuku or Shibuya until 1am, you can also have a great night 'at home' in Kichijoji. Harmonica Alley is an integral part of Kichijoji's night-life. Similar to Golden Gai, Harmonica has many tiny bars and connecting alleyways where you can grab a drink and get to know some of the locals. There's also some really good places to get food in Harmonica too, so be sure to get some snacks as you drink.
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