A Random Night of Table Tennis

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A Random Night of Table Tennis


For those who don’t know (which is probably most of you), I work as an English teacher. Shocker!

However, I’m especially busy on weekends because that is when most students are available to see me. I generally start work at 10 and am not finished until around 21:15, so that’s about a 12-hour work day.  Sometimes, I don’t even know what weekends are anymore. Seems like a distant memory....

But anyway, I came out of the train one Saturday night, feeling exhausted. The only thing I wanted to do was get into my pajamas and sleep. However, to my surprise as I was walking towards the escalator of Kita-Kogane station, I was completely surprised to see my co-workers, Mark and Nate, standing outside on the platform.

They instantly saw me and waved as I approached closer to the stairs and waved. Apparently, one of the house-mates invited them over to watch the soccer game between Japan and Korea, and I didn’t know about it because I’m kind of a hermit. Whatever.


Mark asked if I enjoyed soccer. I said I did. I actually used to play soccer when I was in high school but I was never good at it, so I gave it up. However, he invited me to watch the soccer game with him and Nate.

Of course, I accepted the invitation, even though he was practically inviting me to my own home mind you. They hadn’t visited Premiere Matsudo since Christmas (way before I moved in). With this in mind, Mark at least offered to let me, the rightful resident of the building, show them the way, but there is a difference between offering and actually letting me do it.

In the end, Mark was leading the way with me and Nate closely following behind. We went a slightly longer way, but it wasn’t too bad because apparently there were lots of cats just strolling down the street like they own the place. The path we were on was also close to the local temple, which I might write about one day on this blog.


However, it was obvious at this point that I wasn’t going to bed anytime soon. We made it to the lounge area of the share house. Mark got to catch up with some of his friends, and Nate and I ended up chatting along with them. It was a friendly conversation with drinks and snacks.

However, there was a problem with the soccer game. One of the house-mates got the time confused. Apparently, the soccer game between Japan and Korea would not start until midnight so to pass the time, someone offered that we play table tennis.

Now, if you read my previous blog, you would know that I used to play tennis, and I’m actually very good at it, but table tennis is something different. Just because you know how to play tennis, that doesn’t mean you know how to play it on a table, which was my problem. I decided to do one practice match before playing for real. I was completely bad at it. In the end I lost 0-11.However, I did feel myself slowly adjust to it, so I hope that the next time, I can at least get one point in.


My other house-mates, Ryan and Blue Shirt Man (I’m calling him that because he’s a new house-mate and I still can’t remember his name), decided to play each other. Blue Shirt Man was very good because he was able to smash some of the balls on the other side of the table. He looked a lot like a professional, and I was very surprised by how confident he was with approaching the ball. In the end, though, he lost in a close match of 11-9.

Eventually, Nate had to leave because he had work early in the morning. Ryan helped him with directions to the closest train station to get home. Luckily, the train is not that far away and you could get to Kita-Kogane station within 10 minutes from the house. If you really like walking, you can get to Shim-Matsudo in about 15 minutes.

Mark and I were also getting tired and didn’t feel like staying up late anymore. However, I decided to head upstairs before him because I had work the next morning at 10. I said my goodnights, leaving him the lounge and finally joined my bed for many hours of much needed rest.
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